From May 1-31, 2020, Kia customers can purchase three tires online through
and get the fourth for $1 when installed on a Kia vehicle from participating dealers (the “Program”).
Kia Tire Source encourages you to take advantage of the Program to help increase revenue and
customer retention.


Eligible tires include Hankook, Kumho, and Nexen OEM, OEA, and WIN tires purchased online through and installed on a Kia vehicle. The Eligible Tire List can be found on the
Kia Tire Source website.


Make sure that you’re promoting the Program on your website(s) and driving leads to your Online Tire
Store. Your Online Tire Store will automatically advertise the Program. If you do not wish to participate in
the Program, please contact your Kia Tire Source account manager.
Download the complimentary web banners for your dealership’s website and the social media assets to
post on your dealer page(s). These materials are available on Kia Tire Source through .
Don’t have an Online Tire Store?
Now is the perfect time to get one! It’s free and can bring you tire sales you might be missing out on.
Contact your Kia Tire Source account manager today.


For all eligible claims submitted in accordance with the Program’s Rules, dealers will be reimbursed 75%
of the fourth tire’s net cost, based on KMA’s dealer net price at the time claims are pulled. In cases of
staggered fitments, the front tire will be considered the fourth tire.
Dealers will receive a check in June for all claims submitted once they have been reviewed and processed.


• All Kia dealerships are eligible to participate.
• Offer valid only for tires installed on a Kia vehicle.
• Tires must be purchased online through .
• Only tires sold as customer pay are eligible.
• Warranty replacement and adjustments do not qualify.
• All four tires must be the same part number unless a staggered fitment is required.
Then, each set of two must be the same part number. Note that in cases of staggered
fitments, the front tire will be considered the fourth tire.
• Offer not valid with previous purchases. All promotion claims must be submitted at
Kia Tire Source through by Monday, June 8, 2020.
• For orders placed via the Online Tire Store, tires must be installed by
Monday, June 8, 2020, in order to be eligible. Offer ends May 31, 2020.
• Kia Motors America, Inc. (KMA) and Dealer Tire, LLC reserve the right to audit repair
orders at any time in their sole discretion.
For more information, please reach out to your account manager, or contact
Kia Tire Source Program Headquarters at 866.KIA.TIRE or [email protected] .